O-Xchange Notes from the Field!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Outlook 2010 unable to expand distribution list. Operation Failed

Issue: Outlook 2010 unable to expand distribution list.

Error message:  cannot perform the requested operation. the command selected is not valid for this recipient. The operation failed

Resolution: The distribution had a forward slash(/) in the name. So renaming the DL and removing the forward slash resolved issue

Note: After your rename the DL, update the legacyDN accordingly

seach indexer service remained in stopping state

Issue: Tried to restart search indexer and it remained in stopping state(hung state). This was done to resolve failed content indexes for multiple databases

Resolution: Move active databases to another server and reboot the server

Note: Running resetsearchindex.ps1 will also try to stop search service which can still be in a hung state. Best bet is to restart the server

After the server is reboot, the content index for the database will be in a crawling status