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When removing Mobile Devices from Exchange Mailboxes, you get the error message: DeviceId cannot contain hyphens.

Time your Powershell Commands

Outlook Error: "The Delegates settings were not saved correctly. Cannot activate send-on-behalf-of list. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object."

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Add a user as the manager of a distribution group without removing existing managers via Exchange PowerShell.

A user receives 'Something went wrong Sorry, we can't get that information right now. Please try again later. If the problem continues contact your helpdesk' error message when accessing OWA.

Script to Purge IIS Logs on Servers

Manually Purge Log Files from Exchange Database Copies

Install and Configure PowerShell Web Access

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OWA message saying “403 Sorry! Access denied” You don’t have permissions to open this page

Rebuild Content Index of Exchange 2013 Database

Forward emails that comes to a mailbox to an external address and also keep the mail.

Sharing Calendars and other Mailbox Folders between Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.

Get-CsUser : Management object not found for identity "jdow1".

The error "Members can't remove themselves from security groups. Please set the group to Closed for requests to leave." when editing a distribution group.

Emails in users "Inbox" are automatically moved to a folder (not created by user), labeled "Junk"

No results display for Exchange Databases in EAC under Servers-Databases, New Mailbox Requests, and New Move Requests

After a Database Reseed, the following error is displayed: Error: Unable to delete logs at 'C:\DB01\Logs'. The database has been seeded successfully. If any obsolete log files exist, manualy delete them to prevent database divergence.

Configure bulk Exchange 2013 servers for Unified Messaging and Unified Messaging Call Router Settings.

Exchange 2013 Pre-Installation Steps

Exchange Queue Error: 451 4.4.0 dns query failed. the error was dns query failed with error ErrorRetry

Add a new email address to mailboxes in bulk

Block Activation of Database Copies on an Exchange Server

Manage another person's mail and calendar items - Outlook 2013

Manage another person's mail and calendar items - Outlook 2010

Export or manually archive Outlook 2011 for MAC items

Outlook 2011 for MAC not receiving mail

Manually downloading a copy of the Offline Address Book.

Removing Bulk Exchange Mailboxes via Powershell

Gathering Mailbox Counts in Exchange

Users Mailbox is still quarantined after it should have been released automatically. Manually remove the quarantine.

You can't search for admin audit log entries because the arbitration mailbox for the organization is located on a server that doesn't have Exchange 2013 installed.