CommVault Adding Subclients for Backup

 CommVault Adding Subclients for Backup

In the Exchange backup, subclients are the databases we choose to back up on which server. We will back up the last database copy of each database on the passive server.

Once installed, verify your backup type and configure a subclient as follows.

Disable the Default SubClient:

1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | Exchange Database. Right-click the default subclient and then click Properties.

2. Click Activity Control tab. Uncheck Enable Backup. Click OK at the bottom to save and exit the properties window.

Add a New SubClient:

3. Right click in the white area and select All Tasks-->New Subclient.

4. Enter the Subclient name in the format ServerName_DatabaseName. Change the Number of Data Readers for backup copy to 4.

5. Click the Contents Tab and select Configure.

6. Click on Discover and then select the Storage Group Name. In the Subclient menu, choose the Subclient you are creating. Click OK.

7. Click the Storage Device Tab. Select the Exchange Databases Storage Policy.

8. Click on the Data Transfer Option. Select On Client. Then click OK.

9. You will receive this pop-up. Schedule if you wish.

10. Repeat the process for creating the remainder of the databases you wish to be subclients on this Exchange Server.