O-Xchange Notes from the Field!

Friday, December 19, 2008

How to rebuild Full-Text Index Catalog for Exchange server

issue: Customer complained of not being able to search mail through Outlook web access
Find out customer's home server/db. Check the server to see the last date files were indexed. Confirm customer's complaint with your finding. If indexing isn't running properly
follow these steps to resolve
1. go to exchange powershell
2. type net stop MSExchangeSearch. this will stop the search service and indexer
3. go to the index directory and delete the index catalog folder. You can delete the catalogs for all storage groups as needed
4. go back to the shell and type net start MSExchangeSearch
You are done. Check to make sure service started and customer is able to search mails via OWA

Thursday, December 18, 2008

customer reports not being able to open attachments via webmail

customer reports not being able to open attachments via webmail
customer must have chosen public at the initial logon in OWA. Public doesn't allow opening of attachments, but private setting does
to resolve, follow these steps:
using adsiedit, set the value of MsExchMailboxFolderSet attribute to 2080374783
This will reset all cas-mailbox values to true except ability to change password over the web

faster way to add x500 for a user

1.copy from a user that already has x500 added
2.find the user that needs x500 added.
3.while in ADUC, properties of user, go to email addresses, and click on New
4.choose custom address
5.paste the x500 dn you copied from the user in step 1 under email address
type x500 for custom type. click OK
you are done!

delete duplicates in Outlook folders

download the tool
install and use it to delete duplicates

Thursday, December 11, 2008

how to turn on diagnostic logging of services in exchange 2007

Use these commands to turn on diagnostic logging for information store
get-eventloglevel (this lists all services that can be logged extensively)

use the powershell commands below to set logging level (lowest, low, medium, expert)
set-eventloglevel -id 'MSExchangeIS\9002 System\General' -level 'expert'
set-eventloglevel -id 'MSExchangeIS\9000 private\General' -level 'expert'

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

customer couldn't find spell check under options in OWA

issue: customer couldn't find spell check under options in OWA
Using powershell, type
set-casmailbox -id mailbox owaspellcheckenabled:$True
Problem is fixed

steps to create shared mailbox for customers

steps to create shared mailbox for customers. Note that ad accounts for shared mailboxes are disabled.
Customers can use shared mailboxes for shared calendaring.
customers should use sharepoint as the preferred method for for shared and collaborative calendaring.
use these steps below to create shared mailbox and assign full access to the owner
step 1 create new user mailbox with console or powershell
step 2 use powershell and type this command to convert mailbox to shared.set-mailbox pep-employees -Type:Shared

step 3  Assign full access to the owner using this command.
get-mailbox -id "ep-events" | add-mailboxpermission -user "ond1" -accessrights 'FullAccess'

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Connect remotely to the GAL using Entourage

When Entourage is configured to connect to an Exchange account, it uses LDAP to talk to the directory server. Generally if you are outside the office network, you can not connect to the Global Address List without first making a VPN connection into the network.
The solutions below will enable GAL lookups for Entourage connected to Microsoft Exchange server. Please note that these utilities will need to be installed on your MAC

how to connect sharepoint calendar to Outlook 2007

Please see link below: