Accessing service accounts from Outlook 2007

Service accounts are usually shared mailboxes that multiple users can access. These accounts can be accessed via web client or Outlook client.
To access via the web, use this URL:
The service account name is usually the login name. Login with the password assigned to the service account.
An Admin group is created to manage a particular service account or service accounts. Users in these admin groups can manage the service accounts by adding users to the admin group as needed and able to do some house cleaning.
To open the service account inbox or calendar via Outlook, please follow these steps:
· While in Outlook, click on File, Open other users folder
· Type the service account name and select desired folder(Inbox or Calendar)
· The Inbox or Calendar is now open
· Admin groups for the service accounts must have full mailbox access rights to the service accounts respectively
· The service account manager will have the password to be able to login via the web
· The service account manager will be responsible for adding users to the admin group as needed.