Accessing shared calendars via Outlook Web Access with Exchange 2007

Below are instructions on how to access shared calendars via OWA. Outlook Web parts is required to do this

Notes to keep in mind:
• User’s mailbox must be on Exchange 2007
• Owner must give the viewer at the least, a reviewer permission on the calendar• Internet Explorer 6 or 7 is the only browser supported

To open a specific calendar in Weekly view via Outlook Web Access:
1. Open a Web browser window.
2. Enter the URL for Outlook Web Access and add the following string to the end of the URL: /?cmd=contents&f=calendar&view=weekly.
3. Enter logon credentials, if you are prompted to do this.
For example, to open barb’s calendar in weekly view, see the link below:

you can change weekly to monthly, it will show monthly view of her calendar
If a user(viewer) opens his or her supervisor’s calendar from OWA regularly, this url can be bookmarked to avoid typing this url