Convert resource mailbox to shared mailbox using pshell command

Convert resource mailbox to shared mailbox using this pshell command:
set-mailbox pep-employees -Type:Shared
The purpose of the share parameter is to create a mailbox that is accessed by other users, a general mailbox.
In Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2000, you had to use shared mailboxes to represent resources.
When you move these mailboxes to Exchange 2007, they will be Exchange 2007 shared mailboxes.
You must convert them from Exchange 2007 shared mailboxes to Exchange 2007 resource mailboxes so that they will have all the properties of Exchange 2007 resource mailboxes.
To use the Exchange Management Shell to convert a mailbox
To convert a shared mailbox to a resource mailbox, run the following command:
Set-Mailbox ConfRoom1 -Type Room
You can use the following values for the Type parameter: