Configuring Message Tracking Log files on the Hub Transport

Set-TransportServer "servername" –MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize 2GB
Use the following powershell commands to set message tracking age, max log file size and max directory size
1. setting the max log file size to 5MB
 Set-TransportServer HT2k7 –MessageTrackingLogMaxFileSize 5MB
2. setting the age for the logs
Set-TransportServer SERVERNAME –MessageTrackingLogMaxAge DD.HH:MM:SS
for eg
Set-TransportServer E2K7 –MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 15.00:00:00 (will set the logs to expire after 15days)
3. setting the max directory size to 2gb for eg
Set-TransportServer e2k7ht – MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize 2GB