Working with message tracking logs

use this powershell command to get message tracking logs from a hub transport server, with start date of 1/13/2009 and end date of 2/13/09 at 11:20am respectively. this will also export to csv file on root of C:\drive
get-messagetrackinglog -Server "servername"
 -Start "1/13/2009 11:20:00 AM" -End "2/13/2009 11:20:00 AM" -resultsize unlimited
| select timestamp, eventid, source, messagesubject, sender, internalmessageid, {_.recipients}, sourcecontext | export-csv c:\msgtrak.csv
more examples:
Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender
Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender "" -eventID RECEIVE
Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender "" -eventID DELIVER
Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender "" -eventID DELIVER -Start "10/01/2009 9:00AM" -End "10/03/2009 5:00PM"
formatting the output
Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender -eventID DELIVER -Start "10/01/2009 9:00AM" -End "10/03/2009 5:00PM" | Select timestamp,recipients,messagesubject
Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender "" -eventID DELIVER -Start "10/01/2009 9:00AM" -End "10/03/2009 5:00PM" -ResultSize 25