Enabling LDAP in Outlook 2007

Enabling LDAP in Outlook 2007
To use Outlook 2007 with the domain active directory, you must enable LDAP.
  1. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings... and click the Address Books tab.
  2. Click the New... button. The Directory or Address Book Type screen will appear.
  3. Select the Internet Directory Service (LDAP) radio button and click the Nextbutton. The Directory Service (LDAP) Settings screen will appear.
  4. In the Server Name: field, enter the domain name.
  5. Enable the This server requires me to log on checkbox.
  6. In the User Name: field, enter domain\username
  7. In the Password: field, enter your network login  password.
  8. Click the More Settings... button. The Microsoft LDAP Directory screen will appear.
  9. In the Port: field, enter 636
  10. Enable the Use Secure Sockets Layer checkbox.
  11. Click the Search tab.
  12. Select the Custom: radio button in the Search Base section.
  13. In the Custom: field, enter ou=people, dc=domain, dc=com
  14.  Click the Apply button and click the OK button. You will return to Directory Service (LDAP) Settings screen.
  15. Click the Next button, click the Finish button, and click the Close button.