configure RBAC for restoring mailboxes to recovery database

request/issue: customer wants to be able to restore mailboxes to recovery database

recommended solution:
step 1: Find which role has the role entry
use this cmdlet to find out:
Get-ManagementRoleEntry "*\Restore-Mailbox" | fl Name,Role
Name : Restore-Mailbox
Role : Disaster recovery
step 2: Create a new role for eg ServerAdmins-Restore-Mailbox that inherits all the permissions of 'disaster recover' built in role
for eg New-ManagementRole -Name 'ServerAdmins-Restore-Mailbox' -Parent 'Disaster recovery'
 Step 3: Add the newly created role to the role group using shell or ECP

Note: You can choose to ONLY allow restore-mailbox cmdlet to the "serveradmins-restore-mailbox" role
by using this command:

Add-ManagementRoleEntry "ServerAdmins-Restore-Mailbox\restore-mailbox"
use this command to view the mgmt role entries for the newly created role "serveradmins-restore-mailbox"
Get-ManagementRoleEnty "serveradmins-restore-mailbox\*"