Configuring Outlook 2011 for the MAC

Important notes:

Outlook 2011 is available with the Office 2011 suite for the Mac. Customers are advised to use either Outlook 2011 or Entourage 2008(web services edition) to connect to Exchange server. Prior versions of Entourage will not work with Exchange server 2010.
You must use the ExternalURL for EWS  as your server address. Entourage 2008(web services) will need to do manual configuration, not autodiscovery. MAC laptop users running Outlook 2011, who use their laptop internally or remotely with VPN, may see their server configuration changed automatically.
This is working as designed. Outlook 2011 will do autodiscovery whenever it’s connected directly to the internal network. Your office may not have autodiscovery enabled remotely due to security reasons. To work around this, please use VPN remotely to access your emails via outlook. If you can’t use VPN, you will need to ensure your server setting is set to the ExternalURL for EWS.
 Configuring Outlook 2011 for the MAC

PART A: Configuration with Autodiscovery (for mailboxes on Exchange 2010 server)

1.       Launch Outlook 2011.
2.       On the "Welcome to Outlook for Mac" screen, select "Make Outlook the default application for e-mail, calendar, and contacts", if you wish.
3.       Click Add Account.
4.       Click Exchange Account.
5.       In the E-Mail Address:  field; type your alias (
6.       In the Authentication area, for Method, choose User name and Password.
7.       In the User name field, type domain\username
8.       In the Password field, type your password.
9.       Select the "Configure automatically" checkbox. This will configure Outlook 2011 using autodiscovery. For this to work, you will need to be connected internally to your office network.
10.    Click Add Account.
11.    Close the Accounts window.  Outlook 2011 is now configured.

PART B: Manual Configuration (for mailboxes on Exchange 2010 server)

1.       When you start Outlook for the first time, will get a welcome window that will allow you to add an account or import your account. Click Add...
On the Accounts screen, choose Exchange Account.  Fill out the following data in the account information window:
  • Email Address: Your email address
  • Authentication Method: Username and Password
  • Username: domain\username
  • Password: Your Active Directory Password
2.       Click Add Account. Outlook will ask for a server name. ​Enter the ActiveSync Server name and click Add Account again  (
§  Click on the Advanced Button.
§  Use ssl to connect box must be checked

3.       Under the directory service, enter the following information:
Server: the domain name
Log in with my exchange account credentials: Checked
Your Outlook client should be configured. Click OK then close the Accounts window. Outlook should begin synchronizing your mail, contacts, and calendar.

 Configuring Outlook 2011(MAC) for customers with mailboxes on Exchange 2007

Part A: Manual Configuration steps
See PART B: Manual Configuration (for mailboxes on Exchange 2010 server)
The Same configuration steps apply.

Manual configuration of Entourage 2008  web services

1.       Open Entourage and navigate to Entourage, Account settings menu
2.       Select New, choose Exchange
3.       In the new window, type the primary email address for your Exchange account and select the right arrow.
4.       Entourage will attempt to determine settings for the new Exchange account automatically. This may not work for you. You may get the message “account setup incomplete. Entourage cannot automatically setup the account. Proceed to step 5
5.       Choose Configure Account Manually. Give your account a descriptive name. Under personal information, type your email address
6.       Under Authentication, Account id: must be your active directory user id, Domain: <domain name>, password: your Active directory password
7.       Click on the advanced tab. Under server information, type in exchange server.
8.       Check the box for “this server requires a secure connection (SSL)
9.       LDAP server setting is optional, but you can use domain as the setting
10. Under the Entourage menu, select Preferences and then Compose. Ensure that‘ Automatically    check names when sending messages' is enabled. Note: This checkbox is unchecked by default.