Rules of Troubleshooting

​I came across these 8 rules of troubleshooting from the blog site referenced below and found it interesting enough to post it

The 8 Rules for Outstanding Troubleshooting Skills
  1. I always check the Event Viewer or other log files first when troubleshooting.
  2. I do not start troubleshooting until all software/hardware is patched up to the latest approved release.
  3. I do not make modifications unless I have a verified backup, have logged the change and I am reasonably certain what the end result will be.
  4. My job is to provide a solution. A “workaround” means that something is still broke, and I didn’t do my job.
  5. An end user only reports their perception of the situation; It is my job to verify the reality of the situation before attempting to find the solution.
  6. I never assume anything; I always verify everything with my own eyes.
  7. Asking for help from a co-worker implies I have confidence in their ability to assist, it does not imply failure on my part.
  8. I am never afraid to call a vendor or support line for 3rd party products. It’s their product and they will be more familiar with it than I will be leading to a faster resolution.