Using Powershell to Search Mailboxes from a CSV file

 Using  Powershell to Search Mailboxes from a CSV file using criteria below:

a: received date (1/11/2016)
b. subject: virus test a received date and from a user called
c. from:
d. target mailbox: targetmailbox
e. targetfolder: targetfolder


a.You will need mailbox Import Export role assigned before you can do this
b. Csv file with at least alias column. Csv file in the example below is stored on C:\drive. searchoutput text file is also on C drive

The command below will search mailboxes all users in the csv file with the criteria stated above and log search results in a target folder/mailbox. Results are also stored in searchoutput text file.

Import-csv c:\Message.csv | foreach {Search-Mailbox $_.alias -SearchQuery {subject:'virustest' AND Received:"1/11/2016..1/13/2016" AND From:""} -TargetMailbox "targetmailbox" -TargetFolder "targetfolder" -LogOnly -LogLevel Full} >c:\searchoutput.txt