Find Database Sizes in your Exchange Organization

Scenario:  You want to find the total size of all the Exchange Database added together.

Run this:

Get-MailboxDatabase -status -IncludePreExchange2013 | Where Name -like ExDB* | Select Name, DatabaseSize | Export-csv C:\dbsize.csv

Open the .CSV file in Excel and format the DatabaseSize column as needed. Once its formatted you should be able to find the sum of all the Exchange Databases.

Excel Formatting:

  • Use the 'Text to Columns' Excel Function to separate values and place the remainder of the value in other columns.   For example your DatabaseSize may read:

  • asdf

Formatting meaning you may need to convert the different units of measure for database sizes to a single unit of measure. If most of your Databases are displayed in GB and few are displayed in MB, it may make sense to convert those database sizes to to GB or separate those from the common databases sizes. The 'Text to Columns' Excel function is handy  for separating any other text you wish to move out of the column based on a Delimiter.